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Strategical Planning. Budgeting. Identifying core concepts. Harmonizing team members.

Do you need to define clear, tangible steps to ground your dreams? Does your group need to harmonize mission, vision, and aims? Needing guidance on creating and filling roles and tasks for your organization?

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Steps to Ground, Clarify, and Structure

For any project to be resilient and sustainable we believe it is a NECESSITY that your organization is clear and aligned in its mission, vision, values, and aims. 

Here are some examples of how I can help:

  • Dreaming into your Mission and Vision

    • Making it tangible and realistic

    • Clarifying and aligning with your coworkers/ co-organizers, etc

  • Developing Aims 

    • We will identify and summarize activities that you are doing/ or want to do that support your mission​ while concisely conveying your actions to the public

    • Translating aims into goals that are strategic, easily measurable, accurate, realist, and timely ("SMART") 

  • Resolving Conflict​

    • I have studied and practiced techniques that mitigate and transform conflict for scales of individuals, couples, and communities. I can identify core issues and offer different ways to navigate towards solutions and resolve. 

  • Organizing and Facilitating Meetings 

  • Creating a Strategy Plan

    • to actualize your goals and identify key people; board members, investors, interns, community members