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Social media, event planning, connection to your larger community

Are you looking to create a wider network? You are looking to attract specific people to support your cause or live at your community. I can help you identify your audience and design a strategy plan that meets your outreach. Read "Steps" below. 

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To a Successesful Outreach Venture

Here are some examples of how we can work together:

  • Attracting your Audience:

    • Looking towards your clear mission and vision we can align who you want to buy your products, intern/ become employed at your business, live in your community,​ or attend your events

    • Once we have identified key characteristics and demographics  we can create a story that will attract your audience to your cause

  • Creating a strategy plan:​

    • Using our new story we can strategize around what content needs to be created and​

    • what events we would like to produce appeal to select people and funnel them into your projects